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People say photographs don't lie, mine do

Here you will find some photos from my fine-art collection. Often my images are made up of multiple layers and combined into a composition. In this picture big brother is watching you! We are constantly being watched. Sometimes you get tired of that unpleasant feeling as if you are being spied on. Wouldn’t it be great if you can prevent being spied for longer by just closing a zipper?

In other pictures I try to show the adaptation capacity of nature to what man has changed. A lot of my work has to do with nature claiming its property back ...
Have fun and enjoy the way I look at the world.

Eye Noortje van Asseldonk Boekel, Netherlands
Zipper Veghel, Netherlands

5 prints on Dibond 135 X 90 vivid satin gallery look
5 prints on Dibond 90 X 60 vivid satin gallery look
5 prints on A3 hi quality matte archival paper

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